The incidence of autism is rising worldwide. There has been a sevenfold increase in ASD in the past 10 years. In California, the number of school age children diagnosed as autistic rose 210% over 11 years. Now the incidence of ASD is estimated to be 1/150 children.

Definition of ASD
ASD kids generally exhibit severe abnormality of reciprocal social relatedness; severe abnormality of communication development, repetitive behavior and patterns of behavior, interests, activities and imagination; early onset before 5 years old and abnormal responses to sensory stimuli.

Autism spectrum disorders is a group of developmental disorders ranging from full fledge autism to attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). At the top end of the autism spectrum is Asperger’s syndrome which describes an autistic child who functions at a high level.

What causes autism and other ASDs?
Up to now, no one knows the real cause of ASD. However there is growing agreement that most causes of autism and ASD derive from a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

The factors contributing to ASD symptoms include

  1. genetic
  2. toxic chemical
  3. heavy metal contamination
  4. vaccinations
  5. autoimmune/allergy
  6. viral infections
  7. gluten/casein, enzyme deficiency and yeast overgrowth
  8. metallothionein theory

From my experience, most children will begin improvement when

  1. digestive system is healed
  2. immune systems strengthened with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  3. remove toxins from diet and heavy metals from body

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