Photo aging is caused by the effect of UVA and UVB rays causing pigmentation, wrinkling , telangietasia ( blood vessels) and roughing of the skin. This accounts for 90% of the aging effects we see on the skin.

Our centre, we have the following:

Non thermal Photo Rejuvenation with ICLEAR

  1. This unique combination of pure light wavelengths, specially designed to cosmetically enhance and revitalize the appearance of aging skin. This treatment is suitable for ultrasensitive skin types.
  2. For severe photo aging with actinic keratosis, we use photodynamic therapy with photosensitiser.
  3. Laser toner peel. link to laser toner peel page
  4. Alma laser 2940 Pixel
  5. Micro fractional CO2 laser

Photo rejuvenation can be combined with oxygen jet peel with placenta and vitamin infusions for better results.