One of the consequences of time, smoking, the sun and gravity is a loss of dermal collagen in the skin resulting in deep wrinkles. The earliest signs of aging are an increase in prominence of the nasolabial folds.

Fillers or soft tissue augmentation is a safe and effective method for individuals who seek aesthetic improvement without surgical procedures. Fillers are ideal for fine and deep wrinkles, giving a natural youthful appearance.

We offer advanced filler injections for:

  • Lip augmentation
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Tear trough
  • Nose augmentation
  • Breast enhancement


Silhouette Lift Procedure

As we age, our skin will lose the firmness and volume, this result in a sagging , worn out appearance.

Silhouette MID-FACE suture is a new way of lifting soft tissues in the facial areas. Instead of barbed suture, this suture allows for tissue regrowth inside and around the flexible absorbable cones.

These cones are absorbable and does not remain in the body

Benefits and advantage of silhouette face lift

  1. Non surgical- this is a minimally invasive lift.
  2. Quick- it typically takes less than 1 hour
  3. Immediate results
  4. Minimal downtime- a week after the procedure, you will be back to your normal routine
  5. Safe- Silhouette lift is US FDA and EMEA approved.